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♥ Riza ♥
syunikissd wrote in lalolitas
Yo! I'm new here. I was pretty surprised to find a community like this. I love lolita, especially gothic lolita...but my style is 'ghetto lolita'. ^^;;

...Oh, and Mana-sama is my idol. XD

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Ghetto loli?! Zomg, you must post pictures :D

i will...eventually. ^^;;;

please post pics!! ghetto lolita, i've never even heard/seen it!

Your icon makes me giggle eternally.

*points to above response* And I LOVE your icon. ^^

Girl, your icon is the greatest damn thing in the world.

If I didn't just upload these icons yesterday, I would totally get that one.

I have to see that, a ghetto loli!
i wanted to try but i don't know how.


And Yes, I'm waiting for ghetto loli one day too. I've got to see the pics.

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