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A lolita in BET's Rip the Runway
kodachi148 wrote in lalolitas
Afro-Punk has teamed up with BET for an episode of Rip the Runway. As a writer for AP and as a lolita, I'm a little scared of an APxBET collabo (if the AP Fest is gonna have that chibi Lil' Wayne instead of Spoek Mathembo and Nicki Minaj instead of Janelle Monae, I will disassociate faster than AOL on Rush Limbaugh). Alright, enough rambling. The relevance of this vid is that a lolita is in it. amanikitty was there and they even interviewed her!

The AP episode is on March 21. What do you guys think?

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XD Don't you love that "Are they making fun of me?" feelings

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