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Hello there
sailorfoxx wrote in lalolitas
Hi my name is jenn and i have a you think that being black or afro-american and trying to follow the lolita is harder or easier to do....I am asking this question because my mother has asked me do i think that its hard becoming a lolita and breaking from my peeps call the norm....

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All depends where you are . I'm on a large city on the east coast, so "alternative" people are accepted easily here. Just find a group of people who dress up in Lolita and join. There are many groups on FB and LJ that do meet ups and tea parties.

I feel like when you're not wearing it and just talking about it, it's a bit harder. When I started off, everyone kept talking about white, porcelain skin and it kind of made me feel like, I couldn't do lolita. And I got a lot of comments about how I was "turning white" or "fake" because of it. But I just started out, and when I wear lolita, I don't feel out of place. I feel beautiful.

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