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First lolita skirt
memmette wrote in lalolitas

Hi!!! I wanted to show everyone a project I made. Forgive the lace, I know it's probably not very good, but I didn't want to try Venice or crochet lace when I was unsure of what I was doing. What do you guys think?

skirt prototype

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Did you sew the lace to the outside hem? Maybe it's just my eyes, but it is better to sew it to the inside. And since it's such a close colour to the fabric (which is adorable!) it doesn't command too much attention, anyways. C:

I think that you did a good job. I cannot see any structural problems with your skirt and you picked a cute frabric. As for the design though, it is a very basic skirt. Next time have fun with designing the skirt to show your personal style.

Thanks. I hope to do a bit better. Is there any tutorials I can look at?

I know I'm very late.

Okay, anyway, how are you going to fit a petticoat underneath this? What does it even look like with a petti?

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