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A lolita in BET's Rip the Runway
kodachi148 wrote in lalolitas
Afro-Punk has teamed up with BET for an episode of Rip the Runway. As a writer for AP and as a lolita, I'm a little scared of an APxBET collabo (if the AP Fest is gonna have that chibi Lil' Wayne instead of Spoek Mathembo and Nicki Minaj instead of Janelle Monae, I will disassociate faster than AOL on Rush Limbaugh). Alright, enough rambling. The relevance of this vid is that a lolita is in it. amanikitty was there and they even interviewed her!

The AP episode is on March 21. What do you guys think?

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I don't watch BET because I think it's awful, but I'm actually kind of curious to see what the episode will be like.

yyyyyeahhhhhhh I was hoping that since they called for alt. fashion along with regular cool street fashion that there'd be a variety of styles, but.... there really wasn't. I literally got the biggest applause walking into that club because I was the only one that stuck out. And at first I didn't know if these BET people were mocking me or not until they started pulling me into practically all the shots lol

XD Don't you love that "Are they making fun of me?" feelings

you really looked AWESOME!!

You looked amazing!!! I wish they had featured you more though :) I'm interested to see the rest of the show.

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