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Hello everyone I'm new to the Lolita community, just wanted to say I'm a beginner and I'll be starting doing Lolita soon. :3

Otakon 2014??
Hey! I'm wondering if any of you guys are gonna be at otakon in Baltimore this summer. I'm not gonna be in lolita. But it'd be cool if I could meet some other black or afro-american lolis

Hello there
Hi my name is jenn and i have a you think that being black or afro-american and trying to follow the lolita is harder or easier to do....I am asking this question because my mother has asked me do i think that its hard becoming a lolita and breaking from my peeps call the norm....

Katsucon 19
I was wondering if any of you were going to Katsucon 19? Do you know if there is a meetup being planned or where I can find out? Thanks

18th Century Photos of African Americans
Hi guys, I found these and just wanted to post these up.


First lolita skirt

Hi!!! I wanted to show everyone a project I made. Forgive the lace, I know it's probably not very good, but I didn't want to try Venice or crochet lace when I was unsure of what I was doing. What do you guys think?

skirt prototype

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N. K. Krupskaya
For those of you that may have noticed, I'm doing a bit of work in the profile and to the community. Membership is currently and temporarily OPEN. Let your friends and folks know that if they want to join without any of my bullshit, now is absolutely the time.

Afropunk Festival 2012 - August 25th-26th

The Afropunk Festival is near the end of August, and is quickly approaching. Hopefully there won't be any Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene copies to crash this year's festivities.

Is anyone planning to come out? I'm trying to make sure my schedule that weekend is completely clear so I can be there, especially for Erykah Badu and Janelle Monae
* A*
I know maybe a handful of local girls who showed interest in going, maybe we can have a small gathering and hang out together for a bit?

A lolita in BET's Rip the Runway
Afro-Punk has teamed up with BET for an episode of Rip the Runway. As a writer for AP and as a lolita, I'm a little scared of an APxBET collabo (if the AP Fest is gonna have that chibi Lil' Wayne instead of Spoek Mathembo and Nicki Minaj instead of Janelle Monae, I will disassociate faster than AOL on Rush Limbaugh). Alright, enough rambling. The relevance of this vid is that a lolita is in it. amanikitty was there and they even interviewed her!

The AP episode is on March 21. What do you guys think?

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N. K. Krupskaya
Here, ladies, is an entry that I thought it would be useful to share.

How to avoid Milanoo


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